>Free Photo Sessions This March!

> *This Offer is Now Closed*

This coming March I will be offering free portrait sessions to people of all ages a few times a month. Is there a catch, you ask. Yes, but this is still worth your while, read on my friends…

I am offering these sessions in exchange for the full right to license the images as I please after the fact. This means that you will sign a release form granting me the right to use the images for self promotion, to license them as stock images, use them in exhibitions, or whatever I may see them fit for.

Other than signing this document, you will owe me nothing. You will go away with a disc of images that you can print as you wish from our session together. A professional photo shoot at no cost to you? That’s right! I am taking down names starting now for consideration. Actual dates will be booked closer to the time. Please leave a comment on this post, or contact me on my facebook page or through the contact form on my official website to get your name on my list!

For a limited time only. Gwylan Goddard Photography reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. Thanks in advance for your interest!

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