An International Collection


As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I am a contributing photographer at In Transit Images, an online gallery created for photographers by photographers in Montreal. Initially that meant having 6 to 12 images selected to be part of their online gallery, but as of June 2011 I was asked to take on a lot more. The company is spreading out into licensing images not only locally, but internationally as well. They asked if I would contribute an exclusive collection of images to be part of their new and expanding database. Of course I accepted this offer without much hesitation, and have since been selecting, re-sizing, and describing hundreds of images. It made me take a closer look at lots of personal work from the last six years, some of which I probably would’ve continued to overlook. It’s fun to find some gems amongst the really early days of my work, things that I would’ve considered awful at the time. I find it really interesting how our perspectives can change the more we continue to expand and grow in our fields. Here’s a small collection of shots from Mystic, Quebec of an abandoned old house at the end of the road (I could be mistaken, but it always looked so run down I liked the concept of it being a haunted property, which could just be the naive little girl in me).



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