Support Your Own – Buy Local This Holiday Season

Today’s post is not so much about photography, but about a certain topic that has been on my mind lately with the holiday season approaching. With economic issues being what they are in Canada right now (perhaps not as bad as elsewhere, but still not so great), I have decided that I will make more informed decisions this Christmas about where and what I am buying. More than ever, we need to support Canadian-made products, local artisans, and Canadian business in general. So instead of going out and purchasing the latest gadget made in China, try something new and more original this year. Explore your city’s co-operative galleries, local jewelers, or give the gift of a workshop in an area of interest. Supporting your own means you’re making your city thrive and contributing to the overall wellbeing of the country. But not only that, you are putting money in the pockets of people who work hard, who make original and beautiful works and who are your friends and neighbours! Use tools such as to find handmade items and do a search for your city to find the stuff closest to home. I guarantee you will find some gems on there and your recipients will be so pleased with something unique and thoughtful. I always feel like I give the same old boring gifts, but this year I am buying handmade, local and green.  I am very passionate about this topic being that I am an artist myself and know how it can be a struggle to get people interested in buying your work. Below I have compiled some links to some of my favourite local spots to shop during the holidays in Montreal. For feedback or comments about great spots for similar things in your area, please feel free to comment! This year, buy local!

Buy a beautiful pair of earrings or a brooch from Anabel Burin, owner at VuelaVuela

Give an early Christmas gift and enroll your friend in a floral workshop at Westmount Florist, December 1st 2011.

Purchase handmade pottery, scarves, wood working and more at Galerie Farfelu in Westmount.

Buy recycled, organic clothing at La Gaillarde in St-Henri.

And consider Christmas cards from me, at Gwylan Goddard Photography. Designs for 2011 will be posted shortly!

-Consider the places that are obviously privately owned, not large chains, that sell things made by people living and working in Montreal, and are making an effort to purchase from Canadian producers.

Visit for more about shopping locally here in your city.

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