Chocolate Racines Cake

So, I’ve been diving head first into this food photography business after completing Helene Dujardin’s book (see previous post). I have taken to heart all of her tips and tricks and decided that today I would be adventurous and start from scratch with a new recipe and shoot it like her, all natural in style and lighting – and then get to enjoy it at the end. So what better to choose than a delectable chocolate cake? I figured, why not make it subtly Valentine’s day themed, since it’s the next approaching “holiday”. I still have a long way to go, but I am pleased considering this is pretty much a first attempt in the style of Helene Dujardin. I ran out of light quickly since the assembly of all the props and waiting for the cake to cool took a lot more time than I expected. Things to know for next time…

This cake is from David Lebovitz‘s book called “Ready for Dessert”, a true delight and a must for your collection. Alongside a cup of tea, this made my day.

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