New Natural Media Packaging

Good morning mid-week readers! I am now offering some fabulous packaging to certain clients (depending on the nature of the photo shoot) from Loktah, a company that makes their products with the planet in mind and with a lovely, handmade quality. I’m also now offering contemporary mini and large size photo albums with the same beautiful, handmade paper exterior and gorgeous print quality on the inside. Each one is a little piece of art in itself.

I received my sample pack of dvd cases from them a month or so ago and was very impressed with the quality. I’ve since ordered some beautiful handmade paper print boxes. This will mean that my customers will receive their prints in a beautiful box that they continue to store them in until they’re framed, and then can re-use the box for gift giving or storing other papers or files at home. They are lovely to look at and are a beautiful, eco-friendly option that replaces the boring manilla envelope delivery, or plastic cellophane sleeves for prints. The dvd cases are also a lovely way for clients to keep their special disc of original high resolution files from their session. The discs will come custom-printed and personalized, making for a sweet little package to keep on your bookshelf.

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