A chef & teacher at work

A friend of mine who is a professionally trained chef has made the decision to move into the business of teaching rather than continuing to work in some of Montreal’s top-end restaurant kitchens. His goal is to reach out to those who may have the tools but not know how to use them, or people who would love to learn the basics in their own kitchen because dinnertime is a constant struggle that causes them stress in their day-to-day. I believe his idea is ingenious, as lots of people I know may love food but have a difficult time feeling inspired in the kitchen. Some of us love to cook but lack the knowledge about which tools are most important, how to keep our knives properly sharpened for efficient use, etc. Graham Hood is hoping he can section off these skill-learning tasks into programs where he comes to people’s homes and teaches them about their own tools in their own kitchen. He and I have been working on a series of images for his new website and business venture which will hopefully launch by the end of summer/beginning of fall. I hope you are inspired! I will post news when the website launches for those of you who might be interested in this idea. I feel a private cooking class would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the foodie in your life…

2 thoughts on “A chef & teacher at work

  1. What a fantastic idea. He’s going to have more business than he knows what to do with, and as always, the photos are sublime!

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