Late Summer

I’ve really been enjoying the past few weeks of summer. In August the light begins to change somewhat but the days are still a good length, and that feeling that autumn is on its way cannot escape most of us. You start to smell that crisp scent in the air and feel that maybe it’s time to bring out the fall fashions, because for some reason it’s so much fun to bundle up the minute it drops a few degrees. I myself have already purchased a new pair of ankle boots for fall…just sayin’.

Anyway, although I am happy with the approach of cooler weather it amazes me how fast this summer went by. High school classes already started back today for some. So I must say I quite enjoyed these last few days of heat in Montreal. Here are a few shots documenting a weekend of a bit of R&R shared by myself and my fiancé after a few weeks of crazy work and no time to spare. I’m looking forward to a trip I have scheduled to visit my brother in Kuujjuaq (the largest Northern Inuit village in Quebec). I will be sure to post updates about my trip and of course, the beautiful landscape, wildlife and cultural community. I just found out today their daytime high reaches an average of about 6 degrees Celsius in September…it’ll feel like quite the change for me!


3 thoughts on “Late Summer

  1. I see you have captured the elusive Mikeamis ReadComicBookus in its natural habitat! Astounding! Though rumoured, sightings of the Mikeamis ReadComicBookus relaxing are told to be rare indeed.

    Also, why do all your photos make me want to escape the real world and jump into my computer screen? Not sure if I love it or hate you a bit for it since I’m not there lol

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