Workshop Registration & a Chance to WIN!

Hello readers! So I had hoped to begin giving some workshops by the end of this month, but things have been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to get enough feedback in order to have a well-rounded plan before I leave for my vacation. So now I am beginning a pre-registration process in order to gain some information about what people out there really want to learn, and how they want to learn it.

I invite you all to participate by heading on over to my website registration page and filling in your thoughts about this. You will be automatically entered to win a spot in a workshop just by going through this process! All it requires is two seconds of your time to fill in what type of workshop you would consider taking and on what topic, then it submits your info to me so I can get a feel for it. Then I will contact you when I begin scheduling some dates & see if you’re interested in signing up!

This is not limited to locals in Montreal, since I am toying with the idea of online workshops as well. These could be anywhere from a few hours in length to a few days, encompassing mini assignments & tutorials with critiques & feedback provided daily, all from the comfort of your own home! These are great for people with busy lives who still want to learn some techniques and have fun with it on week nights into weekends, and also allows everyone to share their work together online and post comments & feedback.

Thank you to everyone in advance for taking the time to do this, please share with your friends by referring them to my registration page and facebook page where I will continue to post updates. Depending on how much interest I get I am hoping to get some workshops rolling as soon as October!





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