I have returned from my vacation! Here are my thoughts & images from the trip…

To inform those of you who haven’t read previous posts, Kuujjuaq is an Inuit community in Quebec’s Northern region of Nunavik. It has a population of just over 2000 people and is the administrative capital of the Kativik Regional Government. Geographically it is situated on the shores of the Koksoak river, approximately 50km upstream from Ungava Bay (the large dip in the top of the Province of Quebec). Unfortunately the region of Nunavik is not discussed very much in our History of Quebec & Canada and hardly ever features in our local news. It is a stunning and somewhat untouched area of our beautiful province and takes up about 1/3 of our province. Kuujjuaq is situated right near the tree line, so parts of it are quite wooded but as you take a drive down the road the trees begin to disappear, and the land turns into rocky tundra. I think one of the common misconceptions down South about the arctic is that it is a stark & barren place, grey and cold, dark and uninhabitable. My visit to Northern Quebec informed me of just the opposite – that the autumn up there is full of just as much colour & beauty and gorgeous light as it is here down South. The ground is covered with a variety of colours and textures, and as the light changes throughout the day everything seems to be clothed in a new colour from when you last saw it. Walking on the land is relaxing and yet stimulating; all your senses are engaged, eyes darting back and forth between the reds, yellows & greens. Almost every berry you see growing along the rocks is edible: tiny cranberries, blueberries & blackberries. The tamarack trees were changing colour from green into beautiful yellows while I was there. It was an absolute joy to visit, a whole different experience from my life here in the city. I can’t wait for an opportunity to experience it in the winter, when access to the land is even easier by skidoo and you can travel many kilometres out of town for a tundra wilderness experience. I was lucky enough to have the full arctic experience on my first evening there, witnessing the Northern Lights while I was exhausted & shivering, with no energy left to set up the tripod to document it. I somewhat regret it but realize it was best to just have the experience for my first time, and next time it will be all about the image.


ˆArctic Cranberries ˆ

ˆA typical shack in Kuujjuaq ˆ

ˆA tamarack changing colour ˆ

ˆLabrador Teaˆ

ˆRocks from where a tent was set ˆ


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