Eat, Live, Laugh, Love. A Workshop this Spring!

Today I am extremely excited to say I have signed up for a food styling & photography workshop with Aran Goyoaga from the famous food blog Cannelle & Vanille. If you have never seen this blog, I highly recommend going there as soon as you’ve finished reading this post and bask in the colourful delight that her images & recipes will bring to you.

I have been admiring Aran’s work for some time, alongside my other favourite, Helene Dujardin of Tartelette. It has been my dream to attend one of their workshops, but every time one was being hosted close to home it was already completely booked or just way out of my league financially. Well now I’m going to make it happen, and right within the same week of purchasing her newly published book, Small Plates & Sweet Treats. I feel like such a lucky gal.

I think that food photography is something I always feared a little when studying photography in school because of how it was made to seem so controlled, so unreal. I hated the contrived lighting set-ups and the fake food that was being used in its place. Now I have a new understanding of what can be done in this industry, and how it doesn’t all meet those kinds of standards. Aran’s images are mostly shot using natural light and real food, that can then be savoured after the fact. Her food shoots are almost always accompanied by other editorial shots that depict the scene & the location, giving a sense of place to the series. This workshop will be held on a farm in Boulder, Colorado, where part of the process will be to source and select the food from farm to table…and then plate to pixel. I cannot wait to experience her process hands-on and hopefully glean a new perspective on my own work. I am excited about all aspects – the food, the experience, and especially the images we will make!

Eat, live, laugh, love. Words to live by.  I want all my images to embrace a certain joy in and from everyday life.

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