Galerie Farfelu Westmount

Showcase: Galerie Farfelu Gallery
39 Somerville in Westmount

Gallery Farfelu is a co-operative where independent creatives can come together to sell their works under one roof, where all the taxes are included and the responsibility of all aspects of the business are shared. A wonderful and quaint little spot just south of Sherbrooke on Somerville, it is definitely worth the visit to see all the one-of-a-kind items. You can find everything from functional handmade ceramics to beautiful gold & silver jewellery, as well as stunning woodworks, silk scarves and unique sculptural pieces. The photos below feature works by the following artists: Peter Hamilton, Sylvie Bouchard, Lydia Ilarion, Marin Marino, Don Goddard, Martha Luzuriaga, Brenda Mader, Joanie Beauséjour, Emmanuel Péluchon, Suzanne Messier, Chris Oosenbrug & Eva F. Reichmann.

3 thoughts on “Galerie Farfelu Westmount

  1. Hello Gwylan,
    My second passion after fine woodworking is photography and I am amazed by your outstanding pictures! In the name of Farfelu, thank you for making such a wonderfull presentation of our gallery.

    • Thank you Emmanuel, I appreciate the kind words about my work. It is my pleasure, I think it is very important to each do our part to help promote small business and local artists in our city.

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