Our Natural Creative Processes

A friend sent me this amazing article about the creative process of Steve Irvine, an artist from Ontario, Canada. I found that his words really spoke to me:

“Everyone knows that we learn from experience, but there may be something much more to it than just that. There is an underlying unity of process in nature’s nonlinear soul. The same universal system that slowly directs the shape of a meandering river, the pattern of a growing snowflake, or, in an instant, the pattern of a lightning bolt as it races across the sky, also shapes the flow of ideas in the creative process, and in this the artist shares many things with the fundamental natural processes around us.” -Steve Irvine

There’s something very beautiful about this idea…


On a side note, I’ve reached 200 fans on my facebook page! I will be announcing a giveaway on Monday to one of my fans for reaching this milestone.

I’ve also opened an etsy shop where you can find some handmade Christmas cards, and soon some limited edition prints. Stay tuned for more about this in my next post… oh, and happy December!

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