Holiday Cheer

This time of year brings lots of joy with it- the joy of tradition, of spending time with the people we love, of celebrating the small things and bringing some light into the darkest days of winter. Reflecting on this past year, I have to say that it has been a difficult one for my family. We have experienced a lot of loss, a lot of hardship. At this time of year it gives us pause, to reflect on the lives of those we’ve lost, to remember them, to feel as though they are with us in spirit celebrating this occasion.

Please remember this Christmas, or this holiday – no matter what you celebrate, that we need to keep our loved ones close and cherish them, that we need not stress about the gifts and the timing and the rush of everything. What’s most important is that we’re there, that we share that time together over good food and laughter, that we create memories that will last us forever and that we will hold dear in our hearts when we are old and looking back on our lives. You will not remember the gifts you received, but you will remember who was there to give them to you.


So get out on the sunny days and enjoy the snow and the sunshine. Eat delicious homemade cookies. Take some time for yourself.



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