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I worked on a little project a couple of weeks back for the owner of Floralia, a fantastic eco-minded small business based in Montreal. I connected with Caroline when I discovered her wonderful business mantra, finding her through the grapevine of internet networking:

“Floralia is proud to be the pioneer of specialty ecologically grown cut flowers in Montreal. What stands us apart is that we grow, cut, arrange, promote, and sell all our own flowers. Not only are we aware of the need to provide environmental and ethical alternatives, we also focus on being professional and contemporary trendsetters. Motivated by our intents and surpassing the expectations of our clients we look forward to sharing with you another season of flowers.”

Locally grown flowers! These are actually hard to find in the city, especially when planning & ordering arrangements for large scale events. Floralia is hoping to start appealing more to a wedding clientele. For those of you out there who want to buy in season for real & for true, this is how you do it. The flowers come from your own province and didn’t have to get here on a plane. And a bonus: Caroline is fabulous at what she does, and her arrangements have a beautiful, organic, flowing quality to them. That fresh-picked-from-the-garden look which is starting to become very trendy around the globe is exactly what you’ll get. A fresh take on flowers, which are fleeting – beautiful, and usually a well-deserved treat!

Floralia doesn’t have a retail outlet, but instead has a fabulous flower-share program, where local retailers will act as pick-up points for customers who want just one bouquet as a gift, or regular deliveries for display in their venue or store. Check out their website and facebook page for more details.detail9

Anyway, the new header for the website is not up & running as of yet, so I won’t give it all away…but will leave you with these images of some dried flower details to make you feel inspired.


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