Floralia – Grown locally, with passion

I had the pleasure of shooting for Floralia once again, only this time at an event. Caroline hosted a really fun workshop in downtown Montreal at Galerie Co on St. Laurent street, teaching all these wonderful ladies how to arrange a simple bouquet with a wild, natural feel. I love it! (See my previous post about Floralia here.)


I’m partly bringing up Floralia again because I wanted to share these photos of this awesome evening, but also because I wanted to mention them as one of my preferred vendors. They will make my list of favourites to share & recommend to my clients. I have other favourite florists in the city who I will mention in upcoming posts, but my reason for keeping Floralia high on the list is for their very real, sustainable business model. Caroline grows all her own flowers in Hemmingford, Quebec and those will be the beautiful blooms you receive for your event, as they are in season. Local produce, from the soil, at the correct time of year. Wonderful right? It never ceases to impress me that she’s doing this, and I want more and more people to become aware of it.





Caroline does everything herself, from the sowing to the maintenance of her gardens, to cutting and arranging. Not to mention all of the other business affairs…such as marketing and managing her website. I highly recommend you check out her flower share program if you’re someone who’d love to invest in regular delivery of fresh cut flowers. The new trends in weddings are all about the do-it-yourself, and the outdoor, rustic look.  Floralia is the best choice in the city for the most ecologically friendly wedding flowers. Follow Floralia on facebook for news about upcoming workshops.



P.S. – These types of endorsements are not from financial compensation, but from a true sense of support for what I value in small businesses in the city, thanks for reading!


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