Preserving Your Digital Photos

With styles & trends always changing as they do, I strive to create timeless images that will never seem outdated. By the same token, I want to be able to offer to my clients products that will last, so that their captured moments can survive on their walls or in albums for generations. One of the main issues we face as photographers is what is the best way to offer images to our clients, and on what type of media? Well I am always in favor of the printed image, but I will save that for another blog post. Today I am talking about storage. If packages include digital files, which they are more and more these days, what is the best way to give those to you, the client? For many years now, I have been burning to DVDs. I have these discs custom-printed with an image from your shoot in a special keepsake handmade paper case. However, the more I read these days about the way technology is progressing, I’m realizing that DVDs may no longer be the best choice.  Of course they are still widely used, but they are slowly being phased out. Have you noticed? You probably use Netflix over buying TV series’ on DVD anymore, and when you bought your new Macbook Air, it didn’t have a disc drive…

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.10.26 PM

So, considering these changes I have chosen to start making the switch over to the USB flash drive. We’ve all been using these for a while, and I am not suggesting that they are always a reliable way to “store” our images. But in reality, they are small, easy to transport, and simpler to share. What I am aiming to do is educate my clients about the importance of taking these home with them, and backing up their files appropriately to conserve them for years to come. The USB flash drive can still contain your photos, and you can add to it or re-format it and use it again for something else if you choose. But you won’t have the worry of  a DVD that could A) get scratched, or B) be unreadable by your computer. All laptops still come with at least one USB port, so you’re pretty much safe to transfer and view from a flash drive on any device. I especially like the fact that they are re-usable for you as well, which makes them more user-friendly, environmentally-friendly and economical.

One thing I need to mention is the fact that you should never rely on just one device to protect & preserve your images. Those files can go “poof!” and vanish into thin air if your device decides to go corrupt. I always recommend backing up to your computer’s hard drive, as well as another external hard drive so you can have two copies minimum. Personally, I store all my files on a drive at home and on another one in another building in case of physical damage from fire or another unexpected disaster. I’m not suggesting you necessarily have to go that far, but keep in mind that your photos contain precious memories that you may feel lost without if they were damaged forever.


So I am soon going to be placing an order for some beautifully custom-printed wooden flash drives with my logo on them. I chose the wood because it’s a more sustainable choice than the other plastics & metals that are typically used to make these guys. Every choice I make is for a lighter footprint on the planet, without compromising good design. Please leave me comments below about your thoughts! I always appreciate the feedback. Next on the agenda…I’ll be talking about my love for quality photographic prints. If you haven’t followed me on twitter or facebook yet, please do, as I will be posting a giveaway when I reach 250 likes!


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