Magnolia Tradition

Magnolias truly mark the arrival of Spring for me. I’ve blogged about them before in previous years, it seems it has become a bit of a tradition. I love the way gardens are changing and developing at this time of year, and it always makes me itch to grab my camera. My neighbours have a fabulous tree which is right outside my dining room window. I feel so lucky to experience this one week of luxury. It’s too bad the blooms don’t really last longer than that, but in a way that makes them more special. The fleeting moments are the ones we remember, crave and delight in when they’re here. Did you know that magnolias are so ancient that they were around before there were bees and evolved to encourage pollination by beetle? Fossils of magnolias have been found dating back 20 million years. No wonder they seem so special!

So to celebrate the arrival of May, my birthday month, and two months until my wedding date (yay!) I share with you some glorious magnolia blooms.





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