The Beautiful Graduate!

My adorable cousin had her high school prom last night. A few months back she asked to see what I wore to my prom, and it made me think of how silly and outdated those photographs already look.

So of course we had an impromptu photo shoot before they left for cocktail hour… an essential part of graduating! And isn’t she lucky to have a photographer for a cousin? She kept saying I was being bossy during the shoot, I guess that’s what you get when you photograph family, they tease you all the time 😉 Anyway, I lucked out with beautiful afternoon light streaming through the trees, and a most beautiful subject.

Congratulations Patty on completing those 5 years of craziness…and onward to bigger and better things!











2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Graduate!

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I just died a little inside. Where’s the little girl I know?! She looks beautiful, and radiant in these photos. Congrats Patty!

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