Canvas Gallery Wraps | Dramatic Portraits for Your Wall

Happy Thursday!

I am recently on a new kick about large wall art, and wanted to tell you about the canvas gallery wraps I am now offering as part of my premium portrait collection. These canvases are OBA free, and are sprayed with a special water-based varnish to prevent against scuffing and fading. The varnish also protects the canvas in humid environments & against UV light. They make great additions to any living room, hallway or nursery and will last just as long as matted and framed images if looked after properly.

canvas1 canvas2

You might be wondering what OBA-free means. Lots of canvases, typically in the cheaper range, are treated with an OBA finish used to artificially enhance the brightness of the image. Over time this treatment breaks down and causes significant deterioration of the canvas. It was very important to me that none of the canvases I provide my clients contain this type of enhancement! OBA-free means made to LAST! I am not a fan of advocating products that will need replacing in a few years, both for the protection of people’s investments and for unnecessarily replacing things that will need to be thrown away.

Some of you may have never considered canvases for your walls. I hadn’t either for quite some time. I was always into the classic matted and framed image. The trouble is that people never seem to be interested in large scale framed images, and I often find that 8×10 inch pieces sort of get lost on a lot of people’s walls. Canvases provide an opportunity for real dramatic effect, especially when grouped together. I have a new pinterest board showing some inspiration for the type of design I’m talking about, have a look here. As you can see, they can be effectively used in a very modern way as well, even when you have a collection that seems somewhat eclectic. It helps to unify the pieces in some way, either by using all images from the same session, or making them all black and white to create some consistency.



I currently offer an 11×14 inch canvas included in my premium portrait collection. They also come in all kinds of other custom sizes (I personally love square), at up to 40×60 inches!

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