First Signs of Winter

This week my brother was in town visiting for a short time on his own because of work, so we hung out a lot as a family in an attempt to spend some quality time. It becomes so important to take advantage of all the moments we have together now that he lives so far away. It’s not the same over FaceTime on an ipad. IMG_5415


At this time of the year when the weather gets a little bit nippy, it feels so good to hang out over a cup of tea, or get together over a home cooked meal.  To really take the time to be together.

Cooler weather can sometimes get us down, not so much because of the change of temperature but because of the shorter days. I definitely begin to feel it, to long a bit more for the sun…both literally and figuratively.  The best way to get over it is to simply spend more time outside, despite the dampness of November. On Friday we had a family day and took a stroll along the boardwalk in St. Anne de Bellevue. It was pretty grey out but somehow so beautiful, with subdued colours and enhanced textures everywhere.




My brother and I did some shopping downtown on his first day here. One of the first signs of Christmas in Montreal is the window at Ogilvy’s, attracting the attention of tourists and locals alike for its whimsical display.



I love when the fresh pomegranates, oranges and clementines make an appearance at the markets and grocery stores: little pops of colour and flavour, a sure sign that winter is on its way. The sunsets have a more subdued warm glow that is more self-contained than in the summertime, while the rest of the night surrounding it takes on a cool darkness.


We’ll all be together again as a family for Christmas. I can’t wait, because two days is never enough. As I grow older I realize a little more every day how important family is; how they’re the ones that will always stick by you and love you no matter what. This year will also be a celebration of my little nephew’s first birthday on Christmas day!

In the upcoming weeks I will share some of my favourite holiday recipes, and will post a reflection on 2013 which has been a pretty rewarding year. Let me know some of the things you love about this season and your favourite traditions in the comments below…

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