Handmade Wedding Albums

I finally received my wedding album in the mail yesterday… I have been waiting ever so patiently for it since ordering in November. The turn over time from Loktah is a bit slower than with my other distributors because they assemble these beauties by hand, and might I add – have incredible quality control. They are my main distributor of handmade keepsakes for my clients (Of course it is not featuring my photographs since it is my wedding, but those of the wonderful and talented Chelsea Gray from Blushing Bride Studio here in Montreal).



Chelsea submitted her stunning work from our special day to Wedding Bells blog, and it was accepted for a feature in their print magazine which hits news stands next week! I guess I must have done something right in the planning of my day to have had the privilege of a feature, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



Anyway, today I just wanted to show you the lovely album which has a gorgeous weight to it and really beautiful print quality. I have designed albums and purchased through Loktah before, but this one features a new cover they’re offering now with recycled cotton. It used to be that they only had hemp and paper covers, but they have recently added lots of different woven colourful fabrics, linens, canvas and cotton. I love the simplicity of this book. I enjoy how substantial it feels in my hands. It is flush mounted which means that the book lays flat for easy coffee table viewing… an essential for wedding albums. The pages are nice and thick, so you’ll never have to concern yourself with possible tears from lots of handling. These are the little things that you probably wouldn’t think about but that are essential to a beautiful book that will last you long enough to show your grandchildren. And in this digital era, it is all the more important to do so- you know, in case that hard drive goes corrupt!







I’d love to hear what you think of the book- please leave your comments below 🙂 Featuring photography by Blushing Bride Studio and floral design by Atelier Floral Rouge & Co.
Album design & layout by me!


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