2013 Reflections

This year is already drawing to a close, it’s incredible how quickly time whizzes past us. I’ll be honest, 2013 didn’t begin so happily for myself and Michael, as he was struck with the concept of settling four Estates after the loss of both his great-grandparents and both his grandparents in 2012. It was a very sad time, and an unsettling prospect that had us both wondering how the year would unfold. We knew it couldn’t be any worse than 2012 and were hoping for the best given that our wedding would be coming up in June. Christmas had also brought with it the birth of my first nephew, which was something new and wonderful to look forward to this year despite my brother & family living far away. Becoming an aunt has been a humbling experience, I never could’ve imagined such joy coming from one little soul.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.15.18 PM

A screenshot of some of my colourful uploads to this blog in 2013

I will say that it has been a year full of emotion and learning. Some days I do feel like I still have so far to go and wonder why I’m not there yet,  and then I try to take a step back and truly recognize how lucky I have been.


A glass of rosé on my 25th birthday

Our wedding in June was one of the most beautiful days of my life. Not only because I was choosing to commit to who I love most, but because everyone I truly care about came together for us and created the most fantastic party I have ever attended. I have never seen such heartfelt generosity on the part of family and friends who helped out in any way they could, and even of neighbours who barely know me who were willing to lend us their homes for our guests to stay. It may have been one of the first times I have truly felt human generosity at its most elemental and genuine. Again, a humbling experience.



Photo by Blushing Bride Studio

I also had the opportunity to travel to the North at the beginning of the year to visit my brother in Kuujjuaq for the second time, spending two whole weeks with my nephew in his early months. In the early spring I attended a photography workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Later in the summer we took our honeymoon on Vancouver Island. I love when a year draws to a close and I can say that I have visited at least two faraway places. I think that should become an annual goal. Travelling fills me with a refreshed outlook on my life and my work each and every time, which is of such value. Sometimes in this type of work you can feel like you’re a bit cut off from the world in your little shell, editing at the computer at the most random hours of the work week.


Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Moving forward with changes in my business was really fantastic this year. It began with my new logo and refreshed look for my branding, as well as more focus on lifestyle portraiture and intimate weddings. I photographed the most weddings I ever have before this season, tried my hand at mini sessions with great success, photographed bellies, babies, families and incredibly wonderful couples. I cannot tell you how truly satisfactory it has been and how grateful I am to have met all of you! Being able to create lasting memories of these life-changing moments in people’s lives is really a special gift.


A beautiful moment at Maja & Brendan’s wedding in Old Montreal

This year will be a much happier Christmas, while remembering those we have loved and lost. The decorating and holiday baking has already begun, and I am looking forward to more delicious food and time with family. I cannot wait for the opportunities that 2014 might bring. I already have some projects in the works which I will get more specific about in January, but until then…

Leave me a note below with what you’re looking forward to most about 2014! And have a cosy, fun and delicious holiday season! xo


Winter Landscape, Lachine QC

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