Baby Aaliyah In-Home Newborn Session | Montreal Newborn Photography

Last week I photographed beautiful baby Aaliyah and her mother Catherine in their home nursery. Even with scheduling the session in her first two weeks of life it was difficult to get her to sleep because she was so excited about what was going on. It didn’t seem to matter how well fed she was or how cozy we made her, she wanted to figure out what I was up to on her parents bed with a funny gadget in my hands. To her credit she wasn’t fussy at all; but calm, peaceful and curious. She was also really active, flailing her arms and kicking her feet! It was fun to capture her enthusiasm as it unfolded.

In-home sessions are the way I photograph newborns. Like all my other shoots I work on location. It make things easier for the parents who don’t need to venture out with their brand new baby, but it also keeps things more personal. I’m able to get images of the baby’s first crib & nursery, cuddled in mom’s arms, amongst her new toys that are all her own. Then when she looks back on these images as an adult they’ll feel more genuine and a real personal record of her past. It was truly a pleasure to work with this little angel. I love these intimate moments with a new mom who is filled with emotion for her little one.















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