A Blog Move

The time has come for there to be a change in my blogging world. I have been wanting this blog to become more seamlessly integrated with my website for a while now. As of April 1st, this link will no longer be my main place for posting recent shoots, photography tips or knowledge. I may have the occasional personal post that stays here or the odd recipe…but new current work will exist at gwylangoddard.com/blog.

blog.gwylangoddard.com will be gone.  I intend to keep this active but it will revert back to the old wordpress link (gwylangoddard.wordpress.com).

I wanted to let you all know early on so that you’ll be prepared for the change! I do hope you’ll continue to join me on this blogging adventure. To ensure you’re properly notified when this change occurs, I suggest you sign up for my newsletter here (it only goes out once a month).

I want to thank you all for following me through wordpress, commenting, liking reading and appreciating the work I do. Without you I wouldn’t be here today…and this is not the end but rather a new beginning! I look forward to more possibilities over on my new blog interface.

Many thanks,

xoxo Gwylan


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