A Weekend in the Country

We needed a little escape from the city and thought we’d take a couple of friends up to the cottage for the weekend. Once the plans were in place we discovered the weather was supposed to be rainy and mild. Warm is all well and good unless you’re hoping for a winter escape. We went for it anyway and weren’t sure if we’d regret it given the pouring rain that was pounding down on us as we packed the car. We kept telling ourselves that surely it’ll be a few degrees cooler up north and perhaps this will be coming down as snow…

On the highway on the way up the rain did not let up, and when we arrived the banks of snow were heavy and absorbing all the rain. The snow on the roof of the cottage was a few feet thick and was causing the doors to jam  because of all that weight. We stayed in and played cards and got cosy inside while the place warmed up. We were lucky that in the afternoon the temperature dropped enough for the rain to turn into enormous snowflakes, and we set out on snowshoes and crossed the lake. It was a winter wonderland, and because of the initial crappy weather there was not another soul in sight.

The following morning was beautiful and sunny, every tree branch was glittering with the layer of ice that had accumulated from yesterday’s freezing rain. In the end we were so happy to have made the trek out of the city for a change of scenery, and a new found appreciation for the winter (which I always need around this time of year).



















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