Jennifer’s Maternity Session | Montreal maternity and newborn photographer

Jennifer contacted me at the beginning of the year looking to have maternity photos done of her with her darling husband out in the snow. I thought this was wonderful and brave. Why not embrace the beauty of winter and take some photos outside with cute knits and pretty snow? She was super organized and sent me all kinds of inspirational photographs that had her excited about her upcoming shoot. Their baby girl is expected some time in the next few weeks!

We decided to do both some outdoor shots as well as some inside where we could document the nursery and have a few more intimate images of her and her husband with a bare belly showing. I commend them both for going outside at all on this day because it was blistering cold with the wind, but I’m sure glad they did! I can’t wait to meet their little girl, who I think has the cutest nursery ever to come home to. Stay tuned for the newborn images which should appear in another couple of months…













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