What I Bring To A Lifestyle Portrait Session | Montreal Portrait Photographer

You may be curious about your photographer’s process and the equipment and props they will use, especially when you’ve invited them into your home.

My clientele can expect me to show up with my camera bag containing about three or four of my favourite lenses and my trusted Canon 5D Mk II. That’s right, I have not upgraded to the Mark III yet because I’m a firm believer that for the few differences it has it wasn’t worth the expense just yet. So I will wait patiently for the next release. I also consider myself an eco-conscious photographer and truly despise how we always feel we need the latest and greatest to succeed. I love my camera, it produces quality images and I intend to make it last. And as they always say (which is completely true), it ain’t the camera but the photographer who produces the image.

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In addition to bringing along those obvious basics, I usually bring some reflector discs. These are to aid with bouncing light into the shadow areas of my subject’s faces. Often times I won’t need these if we’re shooting outside depending on the lighting conditions, but I do find them especially useful when photographing inside people’s homes at times. I’ll use them to reflect window light back onto the subject when the ambient light in the room isn’t quite bright enough.

For children and families I typically tell them that if they want specific props the best ones are personal to them. Sometimes kids will want to hold their favourite blanket or toy to keep them feeling comfortable, and it has the added benefit of distracting them a little so they don’t get too anxious.




Newly-engaged couples will sometimes like to incorporate a prop that states their wedding date or part of their love story for the sake of save-the-date cards. ¬†Of course I’ll typically get a photo of the engagement ring as well. Otherwise these shoots are all about the love, and you won’t catch me bringing anything along other than my equipment, an open mind and a sense of humour.



For newborns, I will bring along very basic props for layering and wrapping the baby. Because my style is more loose and organic I do not bring along bowls, baskets, suitcases and the like when I arrive at your home. I’m a firm believer in using items in the images that will be special to that child as they grow older, not items that I’ve brought along that they will never see again. If a client is looking for more posed studio-type newborn shots, we can still accomplish these but with a more natural edge: baby in his/her environment. I bring knit blankets to lay the baby on as well as some delicate wraps to create a cocoon around them. If the parents want little hats & boots in the image I like them to be ones they already own. I will showcase the nursery and the baby’s personal items as part of the overall story. In some cases, these are in fact photographed during the maternity session in preparation for baby’s arrival.




If you have any questions or comments about my process, please let me know below. If there’s something you think I missed… I’d love to know that, too!

Bisou Bride Contributor | Montreal Wedding Blog

As I planned my wedding over the course of a 1.5 year engagement, I was browsing wedding blogs and pinterest endlessly. It’s normal for a girl to dream! But it’s hard to know where to begin and when to stop. There are so many amazing resources out there, some wonderful ones and some just hopping on the wedding bandwagon.

Only after I was married did I discover Bisou Bride. I wish I had known about this blog when I was planning! Being a woman who loves all things local and wanting to support Montreal business, I was really glad when I discovered Miriam and her pride and joy, Bisou Bride. The blog was born a few years ago and with it has come incredible features of local real weddings as well as lots of inspiration for your big day. It’s soft, girly, colourful and full of light. A couple of months before Christmas a call for interns was put out and I knew I needed to get on board. As of this month I have started contributing with posts about budgeting for your wedding and keeping costs down in a realistic way. My first post was published this week and now you can expect to see a new one from me every second Tuesday. I feel honoured to be a part of this wonderful local inspiration for brides. Being that I was recently wed, I hope that what I bring to the table will be able to help out those who are struggling with the concept of breaking the bank.


A big thanks to Miriam for her enthusiasm and hard work on this incredible site, which is now on Google’s front page of Best Wedding Blogs!

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