Jennifer’s Maternity Session | Montreal maternity and newborn photographer

Jennifer contacted me at the beginning of the year looking to have maternity photos done of her with her darling husband out in the snow. I thought this was wonderful and brave. Why not embrace the beauty of winter and take some photos outside with cute knits and pretty snow? She was super organized and sent me all kinds of inspirational photographs that had her excited about her upcoming shoot. Their baby girl is expected some time in the next few weeks!

We decided to do both some outdoor shots as well as some inside where we could document the nursery and have a few more intimate images of her and her husband with a bare belly showing. I commend them both for going outside at all on this day because it was blistering cold with the wind, but I’m sure glad they did! I can’t wait to meet their little girl, who I think has the cutest nursery ever to come home to. Stay tuned for the newborn images which should appear in another couple of months…













A Weekend in the Country

We needed a little escape from the city and thought we’d take a couple of friends up to the cottage for the weekend. Once the plans were in place we discovered the weather was supposed to be rainy and mild. Warm is all well and good unless you’re hoping for a winter escape. We went for it anyway and weren’t sure if we’d regret it given the pouring rain that was pounding down on us as we packed the car. We kept telling ourselves that surely it’ll be a few degrees cooler up north and perhaps this will be coming down as snow…

On the highway on the way up the rain did not let up, and when we arrived the banks of snow were heavy and absorbing all the rain. The snow on the roof of the cottage was a few feet thick and was causing the doors to jam  because of all that weight. We stayed in and played cards and got cosy inside while the place warmed up. We were lucky that in the afternoon the temperature dropped enough for the rain to turn into enormous snowflakes, and we set out on snowshoes and crossed the lake. It was a winter wonderland, and because of the initial crappy weather there was not another soul in sight.

The following morning was beautiful and sunny, every tree branch was glittering with the layer of ice that had accumulated from yesterday’s freezing rain. In the end we were so happy to have made the trek out of the city for a change of scenery, and a new found appreciation for the winter (which I always need around this time of year).



















My First Fall Minis – A Review

This fall I started something new – portrait minis, a simplified take on my regular portrait sessions to allow accessibility for all. This is something I will only offer a couple of times a year. Standard photo shoots still allow for a more customized experience which is why they make up a larger part of my business. But for those of you who do not have the budget for such an experience, or have already done so at some point and now just want some updated shots (of the kids, professional head shots, the whole family, or otherwise) this provides a great low-cost option.

Mini sessions are organized in time slots all on the same day in the same location, with a small time commitment of only 20-30 minutes. The session includes files that you can print from yourself,  but fine art prints, custom greeting cards and other keepsake items are also available to add before or after the shoot.

Here are some of the ones I photographed in October. Starting with Christian, a writer and actor who needed some new head shots and was super charming and lovely to work with;


Followed by Julia & Tony, who each wanted their own separate shoot as well as some shots together. Julia, a fantasy writer, was looking for an author portrait. Tony wanted something for a professional presence online and some images with his amazing car that he rebuilt, his pride & joy. I had a blast with these two, they showed up looking so classy on this rainy day and I was very happy with the resulting images.

tonyjuliaAnd lastly, Corey and Tracy who wanted some couple photos that weren’t taken on their wedding day.

tracycoreyTo find out more about portrait mini sessions, click the image below to see the details & FAQs on my website.