New Blog Arrives Next Week

Happy Thursday morning to you! Today is my last post on this blog, at least for the time being. Please come and join me next week on my new blogging platform, fully integrated with my website at If you pop over there now you’ll see my introductory post. Join me next Thursday for my first content post on how to prepare for your lifestyle portrait session. I’ll be posting every Thursday morning after that!

I wanted to say THANK YOU ever so much to everyone who has been reading and following my content. 

I can’t wait to share with you all new content about my process, my travels, and of course real session features. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions from you with regard to what you would love to see, learn or experience!

Thank you a million times over, 

XO Gwylan

>bye, bye snow

Valentine Portrait Minis | Montreal Portrait Photographer

Last week I had another successful Portrait Mini Session. This was my winter edition timed just in time for Valentine’s day delivery. We worked at the Western end of the Lachine Canal and were really lucky to get a warmer, pleasant day for an outdoor shoot. It was really a pleasure to try the outdoor mini shoots during a different season, and as I always say, there is something so romantic about the winter!

It wasn’t without its own inconveniences/difficulties, but honestly with mini shoots it works out great because no one has to be out for too long. Everyone can cuddle up together to keep warm which makes for genuine, emotional photographs. So I really can’t complain- thank you so much to everyone who braved the cold and came out for this! I got such wonderful feedback already and it is much appreciated!













P.S. I had a cancellation on the day that will be rescheduled, and have since had some more interest, so if you would like to participate in a mini portrait session please contact me to let me know so I can keep you posted when I announce the next date!

P.P.S. As always, if you like these images please leave a comment below and share the love!

Updates to Website

Trying to keep the website up to date and refreshed all the time can be a challenge. I gave it a once over recently and finally got around to setting it up with some new and taking out some of the old. There’s still more new images to go up but you’ll likely see that stuff on the blog first! … thanks for following!